Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Married in peacock

(Photos by Adeline Newmann)

LinkThe bride with her father

I recently had the pleasure of making a unique wedding gown for a friend. Erica is an artist currently earning her master's degree at CalArts. When she asked me to help her out, I knew we were going to make something exciting! I was especially thrilled when we went in the direction of working with some color (it is no secret that I am a fan of colorful wedding gowns!).

She was married on June 11 in a Japanese tea garden, where her peacock color scheme looked incredible.

While we were fabric shopping, we were struggling to find a brocade that was just right for the sash. I tend to be a bit on the selective side, I don't usually get a fabric or trim unless it seems exactly right. Sometimes it is hard to believe that one can't find the right fabric in blocks and blocks of fabric stores in Downtown L.A.'s Fashion District. Luck was on our side, though, when we stumbled over a gorgeous emerald green brocade with a gold peacock feather motif!

The fabric worked perfectly for the dramatic sash, tied in a one-loop bow, trailing behind the bride like a mini-train.

All that was left was to find the silks to complement the colors in the sash. The top of the gown is a taupe satin charmeuse, the cumberbund midriff is a gold silk taffeta (which I also used to line the underside of the sash) and the skirt is a rich royal blue also of silk charmeuse.

The bride created the antique brooch and peacock feather detail which we pinned on the back of the sash from a family heirloom pin and she also wore her mother's bridal veil.