Sunday, September 20, 2009

oh EMMY gee!

Awards show nights are like the fashionista high holidays. I just can't get enough of seeing people in designer formal wear and I love it all... the good, the bad AND the ugly! And the strangest thing to me is that even though the awards take place here in Los Angeles, we don't get to watch them until after the rest of the country due to time zone differences. So, I've got to stay off the web until the show is over so no surprises are ruined. One thing is for sure, it was hot, hot, hot on the red carpet, I'm sure those celebs had a tough time keeping their looks together with all that heat.

A few trends I noticed:
The Emmys have fuzzier fashion rules than The Oscars. Some years they are very casual with lots of ladies sporting cocktail dresses and sometimes even pants suits. This year it was a treat to see the trends lean far into the formal side with lots of trains, satin, and flowing fabrics. We just don't have many opportunities these days to enjoy formal wear, so I relish any chance I get and the Emmy's did not disappoint this year.

**Understated jewelry with a notable absence of necklaces. Perhaps the stars wanted to remain more subtle in these economically challenging times? There were some chandelier earrings and bracelets seemed to be the biggest jewelry focus of the night. I was glad to see this, the dresses were able to make a greater statement when they didn't have to compete with the bling.

**Red, red everywhere and in all styles from Mila Kunis' girlish frock to Toni Colette's stately gown to Blake Lively's vampy number.

**Purple, like on Padma Laksmi, Lindsay Price, and Ginnifer Goodwin.

**Sparkling dresses in metallic tones like Holly Hunter, Kaley Cuoco, and Sandra Oh.

I also thought there were too many black dresses... come on, ladies! When you wear a black dress we can't see all the lovely detailing that the designer so meticulously created. Black dresses, especially on TV, are more like blah dresses.

I have two number one favorites this year, both very different from one another. The first is Jennifer Morrison in this amazing red dress which looks like fabric origami. It is deceptively simple so the design detail really pops without distracting from the loveliness of the wearer. I am also just drooling over the assymmetrical hemline and those gorgeous silver heels.
My second number one pick is Jennifer Carpenter's elegant black and white gown. There is something very French and Art Nouveau about this piece that I love. She really stood out from her peers arriving on the carpet and even though there is a lot going on in the gown's detail, her beauty still shines.

Kourtney Kardashian had one of the best maternity looks I have seen on the red carpet and Heidi Klum must be the hottest, most confident pregnant woman of all time.
Drew Barrymore was stunning in a lovely pink sequel to last year's airy blue Dior number that she donned for the 2008 Golden Globes.
Elizabeth Perkins looked amazingly confident, understated, and oh-so-age appropriate.
Perrey Reeves looked classic in her shimmering empire gown.
Rose Byrne was heavenly in her floaty dress.

Bold choices:
I applaud celebs who make bold red carpet statements. Do they always work? No. But these ladies take the plunge and confidently walk the media gauntlet and turn lots of heads in the process. My top bold choice pick is Mad Men's January Jones. I'm still trying to decide whether or not I like this dress. But one thing is for sure, she wears it beautifully.

Olivia Wilde took a big chance in her icy blue illusion gown.
Victoria Rowell made a statement with her fashion in the Obama dress which is sure to top the Worst Dressed lists... but I say life is too short to play it safe.
Kristen Chenoweth was a shining (pun intended) example of this year's sparkly dress trend. Whether or not you like the dress, it certainly matches her sparkling personality!

Better luck next time:
Kyra Sedgwick had a lovely dress, it just wasn't right for her. It would have looked much more appropriate on Hayden Panittiere... maybe they should have ducked into a limo and swapped.
Leighton Meester missed the mark in her unflattering white gown which paled in comparison to her Gossip Girl co-star Blake Lively.
Glenn Close's gown worked from the waist down but... 1) the off-the-shoulder neckline looked dowdy on her, 2) the slashed back was too teenager for this middle-aged acting powerhouse, and 3) it was blah-ck. Sorry, Glenn, but three strikes and you're out! She did take home the Emmy, though, so no hard feelings I'm sure!

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