Friday, March 12, 2010

Round Ones

For a fashion lover, I don't spend much time flipping through the magazines or drooling over images from various fashion weeks around the world. And this is why:

This woman

and this woman

are the industry standards of "curvy", "fleshier", and "voluptuous" and industry big-wigs are having a great time patting themselves on the back for breaking the "weight barrier".

It has even gotten to the point, after a death of a model from heart failure after stepping off the catwalk, that the industry is being pushed to institute minimum BMIs and provide food backstage.

To folks like Karl Lagerfeld, I say, "Give me these gorgeous, fit women on the catwalk any day..."

..."and tell your models who have to run around in the shower to get wet that we aren't buying what they're selling."

(PS. I'm pretty sure that modern Venus in the first picture would count as being round. And I'm pretty sure that plenty of people are more than pleased to look at her.)

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  1. Hi Lindsey!

    How are you doing? Thanks for your recent comment on my Me-Made-March project. I just wanted to answer your question about the red skirt, I used the Colette Patterns Beignet skirt pattern:

    I would definately recommend it if you are after a skirt that sits nice and securely but isn't skin tight on the hips.

    Happy sewing! Zoe x


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