Sunday, May 9, 2010

What I love on Etsy right now: Spring sale!

A friend of mine who used to work at the LA Opera with me now lives in Italy, designing and creating her own accessory masterpieces and selling them on etsy. And, as luck would have it, she's currently running a sale! Monjio Creations. You know you want all of these gorgeous pieces:

Spats! I mean, really... who doesn't want a set of SPATS?!

Hands off this awesome bolero made from a pair of trousers... I'm buying it as soon as I have a good excuse to wear it.

Fall bride? Yes, indeed.

Because you know you love love... the perfect bridal headpiece any time of year.

Quoth the Raven: Never before have I looked so good as I do on top of this
fantastic polka dot headpiece.

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  1. Oh Lindsey! Your not only a super-mom, your a sweet friend! Thanks for this lovely write up!


    Thanks! Oh, please keep in mind that you and your beautiful family must visit us in the beautiful country-side of Italy!


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