Friday, July 24, 2009

Bring on the kaftans

It is July in Los Angeles. The heat is getting intense, temperatures are nearing 100 degrees in our concrete jungle. Let's face it, tank tops and shorts don't make much of a fashion statement, and they don't even keep a person very cool, leaving your skin to bake in the blazing sun. So, I got to thinking, "What Would Jesus Do?" Not in a religious sense, but in the sense that he lived in a hot, dry climate in a time before hot pants and tube tops. So after poking around a little, I learned that the key to beating the heat may be to wear more clothes, not less. Long, loose-fitting garments in light colors made of natural fibers (think linen, cotton, silk) will keep the air flowing and shade your body from the sun. That's why inhabitiants of the Middle East and North Africa wear kaftans. I went on a mission and found a really lovely selection of stylish and comfy looking warm-weather wear at eShakti. These good people will even customize your order for you to ensure the most flattering, comfortable fit for your body.

I've put a few on my wishlist...

One for taking my kids to the park
One for going to a fancy dinner
One to wear around the house
And one or two for a night on the town.

If a kaftan isn't in your future, you could always just get naked and stand in front of the fan with a spray bottle of water!

*Image courtesy of Hijabi Couture

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