Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flower Girl

(Photo by Cathryn Farnsworth)

When Celia (my recent bridal client) and I went shopping for fabric, she casually asked whether I like to sew for little girls.... ummm, heck yeah!!!! I love little girl clothes, especially with a vintage vibe, and given that I have two boys I don't get my fix very often. So I was thrilled when she asked me to create a top for her niece who would be her flower girl. And, on top of making my day, she had the brilliant idea to use the same vintage laces on the blouse that we were using on the wedding gown.

Celia had thought of having her niece wear this JCrew top, so we used it as our inspiration:
We used the pearl white silk taffeta from Celia's gown for the foundation of the gown and added three layers of lace that made an appearance on her gown as well and this was the result:

(front view)(back view with keyhole opening and rhinestone button)

Celia's niece was so sweet and adorable during her fitting, and judging from the pictures, she looked great on the big day!

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