Sunday, December 13, 2009

Button, button...

Last night at a party I lost a button from my simple black trench (purchased at Target). At first I was frustrated because now I have to buy 10 new buttons (because what is the likelihood of finding one button that is exactly the same, even if it is a simple black button?).

Then I got excited... what a perfect opportunity to snazz up my simple black trench! Duh! So now I'm on a search for fabulous buttons that add just the right amount of splash but that won't take away too much from the neutrality of my coat (let's not forget that the whole reason I bought black was so I could wear it with almost anything).

I came across the store Cute As A Button and these are some of my favorites:

...but I might just end up cruising the vintage button selection on ebay instead.


  1. Oh who knew buttons could be so great!

    Thank you for your sweet comments. Unfortunately didn't go to Bush Street area for ribbons so no ribbon! It's ok though, cookies will still taste great!

  2. if you have the time you might want to consider driving out to F&S fabrics and let shirley the button lady hook you up. she's got a pretty amazing selection.

  3. that sounds like fun! maybe I'll get a chance to head down there when my husband is off for the holidays!

  4. I have found really great buttons on old lady dresses at the funky thrift stores like Salvation Army and St. Vinnie's....So then if the fabric of the dress is right, one can use it to make a scarf or something.


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