Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's bring back poodle skirts!

And by that, I really mean appliqued circle skirts. There is no reason poodles should get to have all the fun! Circle skirts are wonderful because they are flattering on a variety of figures, they require very little sewing know-how to create (and if you make them from felt they don't need to even be hemmed), and they are a perfect blank canvas to express yourself through fashion in a fun and whimsical way.

Oversized flowers look fun and chic:

This darling skirt let's everyone know you're in a party mood:

The three-dimensional vines of magnolias on this skirt are downright glamorous:

Using abstract shapes can let your inner designer shine:

And Santa will be sure not to miss your house if you don this skirt on Christmas Eve:

Instructions for making a circle skirt are easy to come by, or a commercial pattern can be purchased from your local fabric store.

Free applique templates abound on the internet, you are really only limited by your imagination (just try googling "{applique idea here} pattern" in an image search and you're sure to find something). I came across a few cute ones to share with you:

kitty cat applique from mmmcrafts

owl applique (template here) from amazing mae

skull and crossbone applique found on crafty crafty
and a
bird and ribbon applique from Make Them Yourself

The technique you use for your applique will vary depending on the materials you use and your skill level. You may use fusible webbing, needle-turning, or even topstitch a felt applique by hand with large stitches of embroidery thread. With some practice and creativity, you can experiment until you get a look you like.

You can also get a personalized monogrammed circle skirt from Hey Viv!

If you do decide to give the circle skirt a go, I'd love to see your pictures!

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  1. The skirts are darling, but oh, those tiny waists. I hear that waisted clothing in general is coming back into style. Do you know that to be true?


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