Friday, January 15, 2010

Project Trench Coat

Sometimes you lose a button in a busy place and you don't have any idea where you placed the little plastic baggie with the extra button that came with your garment when you bought it. (Exhibit A, missing button on left side of jacket, lost at a bowling alley during a holiday party).

But you don't despair because you know that you can solve your problem and dress up your plain garment with some cool new buttons for just a little time and effort and not much cash. (Exhibit B: square tiger-stripe amber, silvery and black buttons purchased for $1 each at Michael Levine's in downtown LA's garment district).

And the result is a slightly dressed-up, improved version of the original (Exhibit C). I ended up going a little more subtle than I had originally planned, but I feel like the result is polished but still interesting. I feel just a little cooler wearing my black Target trench now.
Of course, I could have avoided all this effort if I had just reinforced the buttons when I first bought the jacket, but I'm rarely that motivated. Also, while I was putting away the extra new buttons that I bought, I found the original manufacturer-provided extra button in my button stash (turns out I occasionally put things where they belong). But I'm OK with that, I like the new buttons much better.

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