Friday, April 30, 2010

Derby Day

May 1st marks the 2010 Kentucky Derby, the oldest horse race in the United States. The race was first run in 1875 and was modeled after famous European horse races of the time. The race continues to be an illustrious event to this day, attracting the rich and famous and horse-lovers of all kinds. One of the most interesting traditions associated with the race is that women generally don hats, especially oversize, rather outrageous styles.

While I am not much of one for horse-racing, I do love hats and any occasion that calls for us to wear them. Despite The Hat having fallen out of fashion favor in the United States, hats worn for this event are of a scale so grand, we haven't seen anything like them since the height of hat fashion during the Edwardian era.

(Typical Edwardian hats)

So, in honor of Derby Day, I've scoured the Google Image Search to dig out my favorite hats from Derbys past. For an occasion such as the Kentucky Derby, I favor hats with broad, sweeping brims, festive colors, whimsical touches, and an over-the-top-but-still-elegant design.

(this Lady In Red get the idea!)

(A little My Fair Lady)

(just the right amount of modest extravagance)

(Kim Kardashian tops off her look with an understated by incredibly glamorous piece)

(the shape, size, and scale of this hat make me swoon... but wouldn't it be absolutely spectacular in a lovely spring color scheme?)

(this hat is fantastic! Whimsical and a bit outrageous, reminiscent of Edwardian millinery, but with a very flattering shape).

Although I'm not sure I'll ever make it to the Kentucky Derby, perhaps someday I'll find a group of hat enthusiasts to accompany me to the Santa Anita Racetrack for a fashion reenactment of the Derby.


  1. I'd LOVE to wear any of these hats - truly fabulous!

  2. Wonderful Hats! The last one caught my eye, it would be a lovely project to make!!

    Thanks for sharing!!


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