Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm in love! (don't tell my husband...)

Just kidding. I mean, falling in love with a magazine doesn't really constitute infidelity, right? And really it's more like the kind of love you feel when you meet someone you know is going to be your new best friend. I was wandering aimlessly through the aisles of Jo Ann Fabrics and Crafts, as I usually do whenever I go there, and there it was, resting inconspicuously on the magazine rack, and it was love at first page turn. Belle Armoire is an absolutely gorgeous and inspiring bi-monthly from Stampington & Company dedicated to "wearable art". Each time I turned a page was like cracking into a creme brulee... seriously, I think I was drooling. From repurposed garments and accessories to imaginative couture gowns to whimsical jewelry products this magazine is bursting with designer deliciousness. The thing I find most attractive is its accessibility. No hoity-toity, holier-than-thou Vogue attitude here, these are all craftspeople who not only share their projects with the reader, they give instructions and behind-the-scenes information of how to recreate these craft masterpieces. The publishers also have "challenges" each issue to inspire submissions from their readers. The next challenge deadline is August 15 and the theme is Pieces of the Past. I'll let you know when I finally get around to entering one!

I think I'll ask for a subscription for my birthday. :)


  1. Jo Ann Fabrics should be giving you some kick back for advertising. Our local one has changed in a not-so-pleasant way, kind of like a Michael's wannbe, and there's a Michael's not too far away. Are people gravitating away from sewing? Me thinks yes, but glad that it remains part (and I do mean only a part) of your raison d'etre!

  2. There are three Jo Ann Fabrics and Crafts stores within a five-ish mile radius of where I live and I find that they are all different in what they offer and the service I get there. Some tend to be more crafts heavy, while others are totally into the quilting, and some stock tons of notions, etc. One thing that is disappointing at almost every Jo Ann is the fancy fabric selection for formal wear. Almost everything is polyester and hopelessly overpriced. These days it is too expensive and time consuming to sew your own clothing when there are Targets and Walmarts and David's Bridals to outfit you, so Jo Ann can't make as much money selling fashion fabrics. Having/making custom clothing is a dying art, but there is nothing like the fit and feel of a special garment made just for you!


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