Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pass the vodka, sweetie dahling....

...and pass on the Febreeze.

Our sweat and our skin have naturally occurring bacteria that discolor and deteriorate fibers and leave odors behind. This is totally normal, it does not mean that you are gross or don't shower enough! :) Even laundering and dry-cleaning those valuable delicate items like silk blouses and formal gowns will not kill these bacteria. This is the cause of discolored underarms in many vintage pieces.

Fortunately, there is a quick, easy, cheap, all-natural solution for this problem... VODKA! (As if we needed another reason to love it) Just put some bottom-shelf vodka (really, the cheaper and higher proof, the better!) in a spray bottle and spritz the areas that come in closest contact with your skin and sweat (like bodices and underarms). You don't have to douse the garment, but be liberal. Vodka's near odorless scent will dissipate quickly, so you won't smell like you spent the night in a distillery and the high alcohol content will kill off those little bugs that want to eat away at your special clothing. The sooner you get to the garment, the better, so be sure to spritz before you drop in the hamper, hang it in the closet, or send it to the cleaners. No need to spend your hard-earned money on the scary chemicals and wasteful packaging of commercial fabric deodorizers. Now you can spend that money you saved on the good stuff to make your favorite martini!

(the photo is from Britain's classic vodka-soaked show Absolutely Fabulous).


  1. So cool!! I had no idea. I got started with Vodka so now I don't like it much, but this is a great use for it! Does it only kills the little guys, or does it remove stains too?

  2. Unfortunately, there is no stain removal power in vodka :( It will keep bacteria from discoloring clothing, but it won't take out the red wine spot. There are two great stain removal techniques that I use on non-delicate clothes: boiling water and oxi-clean (soak for several hours) or scalding hot water w/ Clorox 2 and Cascade (won't work if you don't use those brands). If those don't work, consider embellishing over the stain w/ paint, a cool brooch, embroidery, a pretty patch of complimentary fabric, etc.


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