Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The most beautiful wedding dress of all time

I've been racing the clock on a deadline for a wedding gown that I will be delivering this weekend! I haven't forgotten about you all, but I need to save these fingers for sewing. But, just to give you a little something fun to think about, I googled "the most beautiful wedding dress of all time" and came up with two interesting links,

one from Bride's for their 75th anniversary
and one for celebrity gowns from I'm Not Obsessed

and I'd be oh-so-interested to hear your thoughts on these lists... do you like the dresses? Do you have an all-time favorite wedding gown? Are you more into Princess Grace Kelly's modest lace ensemble or do you lean toward Gwen Stefani's ombre number?

And stay tuned for pictures of this unique gown I'm creating for a very special bride... coming in October!

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