Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creative Costumes

Ever get tired of the Sexy (insert noun here) Costumes? (A sexy ladybug? Really? Is that necessary?) I totally understand the desire to unleash your inner vixen on this night when you can put on another persona for an evening an let loose a little. It's an old tradition (like Carnevale in Venice, Carnaval in Rio de Janiero, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans, just at a different time of year)... put on a mask and leave your inhibitions at home. I myself have indulged in somewhat racy costumes over the years (a Moulin Rouge showgirl, Catholic schoolgirl, kitten, etc), but sometimes it is nice to stray from norm and do something out of the ordinary that is focused on creativity instead of wearing as little clothing as possible (in high school I worked at a fabric store and one Halloween a woman came in to buy several yards of extra wide elastic so she could go as the chick from The Fifth Element which I suppose is sexy and kind of creative at the same time... but also pretty stupid because Halloween in Colorado usually involves lots of snowfall or at least very cold weather. But I digress).

And I guess I'm getting pretty picky here, but I also have a strong distaste for costumes from a package. They are cheaply made, overpriced, and you're almost guaranteed to be dressed exactly like someone else at the alcohol-infused costume party you will be attending. And remind me to tell you the "one size fits most" story sometime...

Anyway, my hat is off to the folks who come up with clever, fun, engaging, creative costumes like these:

You can see this guy loves to have a good time, and he managed to keep his clothes on to get the message across.

This one is hilarious for babies because we all know they enjoy the privilege to...well, pass gas with carefree abandon. Although, on second thought, it may encourage people to sit on your baby. Which would be bad.

These folks have combined naughtiness with modesty and have also pulled off an awesome couple's costume, which (although it may be considered trite by some) I am always a fan of.

If there's anything I like better than a couple's costume, it's a group costume and this family has pulled it off beautifully. Especially because Junior's get-up can transition right into p.j.s for bedtime while mom and dad stay up to party with the adults.

Whatever you end up wearing for Halloween, I hope you have a terrific time and I'd love to hear about all your costumed escapades! If you're feeling short of ideas, check out this awesome list for ideas.

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