Friday, October 30, 2009

The Queen of Halloween

My mother had the curious fortune of being born on Halloween. I think it has always been a little tough on her to share her birthday with this raucous holiday, spending many years shepherding her costumed children door-to-door through the freezing neighborhood streets of Boulder, Colorado when I'm sure she would have rather been having an intimate meal at a cozy restaurant with my dad. To be sure, there was never a lack of a party to go to on Halloween, but the party was never exactly for her. When my mom turned 50, we all celebrated by going back to Boulder together (and yes, it was freezing!) and some old friends threw a costume party in her honor. I really wanted my mom to be the belle of the ball, to feel spectacular on her big milestone birthday so I created this Cleopatra costume for her. I hand-beaded the collar on a sparkly gold-toned base (I almost wanted it to look like the beads were just suspended on air around her shoulders) and draped a dramatic, blue-green iridescent cape from the back that attached to the middle finger with small elastic loops. The dress was a simple strapless sheath but made from a heavy dark gold satin to look regal and with some hand-beaded accents added. The belly-dancer sash, headpiece and arm-band were purchased.

I dedicate this post to my friend and dedicated blog-follower-- my mom! Happy Birthday! And a special warm greeting to any other readers who also share their special day with this holiday.


  1. What a beautiful costume! I am sure your mom reigned regally right on through the party.

  2. I was there and she was definately the queen!


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