Monday, October 12, 2009

Not exactly sewing...

... but I still want to give some airtime to the crochet project I finished today. I learned to crochet granny squares in 5th grade, but never learned anything beyond that and never learned the names for the stitches. The other day I was on etsy searching for a nice, cozy winter hat and I stumbled upon this pattern upload for a beginner level crochet newsboy cap. So, I paid for the download (a very reasonable $6) and trucked off to JoAnn for some yarn and hooks (sadly the locally owned yarn store has gone out of business). In almost no time I had made this! It is so far from being perfect, but I'm proud of my first non-granny-square crochet project and had to share! If you like crochet, or think you might want to learn, I highly recommend this project. Or, if you want to take the short cut, just buy one from Heidi's Hats!


  1. Just found your blog!

    Since I have not crochet or knitted for awhile, I find sewing hats faster. I began knitting some fingerless glove for myself. It was taking me too long! I ended up drafting a pattern and making them out of a lovely fabric I had!

  2. I'm with you that sewing is easier than crochet :) However, this project was really easy. I was able to get it done really quickly and I'm very inexperienced. I think it would be a great pattern to pick up if one wants to give handmade holiday gifts.

    I'd love to hear how you draft a pattern for gloves! If you'd like to share I'd love to post it here!


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