Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bustin' out

I was cruising the awesome Colette Patterns today when I came across this link to "So Zo" with this explanation of the Stash Bustin' committment:

"People, may I please have your attention for a moment. I am launching a new campaign: Stash Bustin'! Like pretty much ever sewer on the planet, I have too much (fantastic, potential-filled, perfectly usable) fabric sitting about crying out to be turned from it's raw form into a myriad of awesome projects. It really is quite a crime. Therefore, I am pledging to bust my stash, using as much of my fabric collection as I can, over the next few months. I will only be stepping into a fabric store when absolutely necessary to pick up items like linings and interlinings to complete projects when I don't already possess an alternative."

Although my life circumstances keep me from doing as much sewing as I like, I'm really into this idea and want to sign up and promote anyone else interested to join in!

I will post my Stash Bustin' projects when (if!) I complete them!

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