Monday, February 22, 2010


This is definitely one of those "why didn't I think of this" kind of things. I discovered it via Love My Dress, where it is billed as a bridesmaid dress. One dress, four lengths/hemlines and two sizes that accommodate most every size and figure, and can be worn fifteen different ways, available in eighteen different colors! So, yes, of course it is a great solution to the oft-frustrating bridesmaid dress dilemma, but it is also just a fantastic dress to have in your regular wardrobe. What a great dress to take on a cruise, to wear to a work party, to wear to a play/symphony/opera/fancy dinner out. This dress might never go out of style! It can even be worn by pregnant women, which is super-fantastic because that is a very difficult time to find a flattering dress. Dress from twobirds, prices start at $270. So unless you can find fifteen gorgeous, well made dresses for $18 each, then this is really a great deal!

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  1. I ALMOST got the infinity dress (a cheaper version of this). I would have saved hundreds if they came in the sizes I needed for the girls. They are pretty darn fabulous.


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