Monday, January 31, 2011

100 posts, 100 years

To celebrate reaching 100 posts on this blog, I have a little roundup of fashion images from the past 100 years. It certainly is not exhaustive, but gives a fun look at the way silhouettes have changed over the last 100 years, and what elements have been recycled over time.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading the blog!

McCall's, January 1911

Fashion Service Magazine, Spring/Summer 1921

Butterick, August 1931

Paris Winter Season, 1941

sewing pattern envelopes, 1951

McCall's pattern, 1961

Jaeger Fashion, London, 1971

René Gruau illustration for Vogue, 1981

Fashion Museum of Bath, 1991 costume chosen by Elizabeth Tilberis of Vogue

Trendsetting cast of Sex and the City at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards, 2001

And a look at some upcoming trends for 2011, via FashionStyleMe

And a question for my readers, which fashion decade of the last century do you most admire, identify with, or wish were still in style today?

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